Configuring Workflow in CRM4

And I am back.

Having gotten back in the saddle with MSCRM it is time to start logging my thoughts. Now with CRM4 (on my office system which was upgraded while I was on another project so I did not have anything to do with it).

So what have I been trying to do? Get workflows working.

I still have a bit of work to do with inbound email routing but the outbound seems to be working now. Which is nice.

For a while I could not get the workflows working. Each workflow kicked off and sat in a waiting state. Ever since the upgrade workflows had not worked but this had not been noticed. On investigation I found 150,000 outstanding workflow jobs so deleted them to ensure that when this did actually kicked of I did not crash the system as it plowed through them.

I deleted all old workflows and all workflows upgraded from CRM3 as there were only 5 of them and almost all were being retired anyway.

And as I said, the workflow did not work. After a quick search I found this forum post that suggested I had a problem with the host headers. Our server has three and this could have caused an issue to remove them so in investigating further I discovered this site and thought the update SQL was quite revealing.

I found that in fact the AsyncSdkRootDomain did not contain my server name. It was blank. I updated it with our server:port and the workflows started working. Tasks are created and things are moving. Just at the moment no emails are being sent.

I can send an email as an activity from a service case but cannot automatically route it out from a workflow.

So it is back to Exchange...

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