Hello, I have finally taken the plunge and started my first technology blog. I hope that I can keep this up as most MSCRM blogs tend to fall by the wayside.

I intend this to be a repository of my thoughts, tips and tricks relating to MSCRM and the solutions I provide my customers with in my day-to-day job. I am still learning but I have already completed some really interesting bits of work.

Anyway, feel free to email me any suggestions or leave a comment on the blog.



2 Responses to “Hi”:

  1. Hi Ron,

    Welcome to the world of MS CRM bloggers.

    I'll add you to the list of bloggers if you can supply me a bit more information like your full name and company name.



    PS, in this post you ask people to mail you, but there is no mail address to be found :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi ,
    i want to get all the attributes display name of an entity in a dropdown list in .net using sdk.how can i get the entity's attributes display name listed using metadata service.Do u have any code?