Outlook Client Security Issue

Recently I had cause to set my sales manager up with Systems Customizer rights to allow him to alter a couple of picklists on our internal implementation. However we discovered that when he went to the Settings pane on the web front end he did not have the admin rights to see the Customization screens. I set him up with full sys admin rights in case there was something I had done to the profiles that needed overridden and got him to log back in. He shut everything down and went back in. He could now see the Customization options.

A week later he came back through to see me, he said the same problem not being able to see the Customization option. I had not changed any security profile for him so I was a bit concerned. On investigation I noted that his profile was correct and that he should in theory see it. When I looked at his computer I noticed he had Outlook running which had the CRM client installed.

On a hunch I got him to shut down the web client and reopen it, same problem. Then I got him to shut down both the web client and his Outlook, reopened the web client and lo and behold the full range of systems admin tools had re-appeared on the Settings bar.

Obviously the Outlook client is not designed for the admin tools but it would appear that besides not showing them it also does something to the security objects held in the machine that stops the web client from working as well.

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